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TOUR DESCRIPTION: The Cowichan Valley is known as the warm land, providing ideal conditions for grape growing Island style! The scenic drive to the Cowichan Valley is one hour south of Nanaimo, during the drive you will see some of Vancouver Island's beautiful landscapes: farm land, rolling hills and mountains, and smaller communities, your on board tour guide will interpret the drive to the valley, giving you an experience of life on the Island.

Once we tun off the main hi way we will drive down quaint country roads, surrounded by farmland and vineyards, during this tour you will visit two different vineyards. Cherry Point Vineyard is owned by the Cowichan First Nation Tribes, which is influenced around the vineyard newly renovated West Coast style tasting room and labels. Award winning wines include: Pinot Gris, Sigerrebe, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir, Agria/Pinot Noir, and the fabulous Blackberry Port. You will enjoy your smoked salmon, cream cheese, crackers and Nanaimo Bar on the beautiful patio.

Our second Vineyard Zanatta Winery is one of the oldest wineries on Vancouver Island in operation since 1992. Italian influenced which is evident in the charming 1903 farmhouse, which is a tasting room, wine store and restaurant. Some of their fine wines include Pinot Grigio, Ortega, Damasco, Pinot Nero and the Bubbly (Glenora Fantasia Brut). OFF to Vineyard number three, which will be your choice, we have a list and you pick! After tasting and touring enjoy a relaxing ride back to Nanaimo.


* We can arrange any special event for you this day, for birthday's, staff parties, anniversaries, stop at a local restaurant for dinner, or even better at the vineyard for dinner? Tie in a special event: Live artists, JAZZ festival, WINE festival. endless oppourtunities.ask Paula for a list of special events

* These are the two most popular vineyards we tour to. We do arrange other tours that include different vineyards, please feel free to create your own tour! With the vineyards of your choice, For large groups there is a souvenir tasting glass for you.

** Sannich Peninsula and GULF Island Wine Tours also available ask for details

TOUR DURATION: 6 hour's average

We can accommodate groups of all sizes.

OPERATIONAL: Year round.

SUGGESTED ITEMS TO BRING: Comfortable walking shoes with good tread, camera, warm clothing, dress for the weather.

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